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last night jag came home drunk and pissed. pissed at ?????? and pissed at me (he misunderstood something i said). jag is 19 and drinks more than i do! i cant wait till april (my 21 birthday). i plan to have a good buzz going that whole day :o) maybe ill turn the cam on that day so i look back at what i was doing while i was drunk. ive done that before, and gotten some really funny pics out of it (on my computer in california). right now were playing poker (hes kicking my ass). this is just a short break while he takes a dump (i meant long break). he counted all his pennys before he went into the bathroom. jerk! :o\

OH! this just came up cause we were talking about whores. just because i am with "sh1fty" does not mean im a "SCENE WHORE" (you know who you are). thank you very much.

you should see jag hes all upset now cause he thinks someone called me a scene whore. hahaha.
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