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jags been kissing my ass lately. he brought me lunch again. i like food. he says he likes to feed me cause it makes me happy :o) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, BOY ;o)

some of my ebay stuff came today. i got most of the crap i wanted, so i think im gonna be done with it for a while. jags funny. for someone who said they didnt want me in vinyl before we met, he sure gets "happy" when i buy vinyl clothing.


my 21st birthday is coming up, and being the gold digger i am... BUY SOMETHING FOR ME. there isnt much on it, but dont worry. ill fix that ;o) jeez, i cant believe this is the first time ive ver posted the link to that.

SinStains: look at her, mama-cita, too sexy!!! heh-heh, nite ms. destiny.
SinStains signed off at 9:33:35 PM.
that was strange. heh. night night :o)

oh yeah, and my mom says ginny called to see if i was ok when she heard about the earthquake. that girl misses me too much. its been years :o\

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