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i did some grocery shopping yesterday, and some other store to buy "stuff". it was really nice out. the only thing that sucked was carrying the heavy bags home.

i seem to be obsessed with the word "whore" lately.

havent i received this email once before?

"I greet thee maiden.

I was pleased when I happened across your advert in the gothic personals

my maiden. Let you search be at it\'s end my fair maiden.......allow
your soul
to be drawn here, to me, as it desires to be. For I am going to change
your life, forever.
Distance matters not to me my maiden, for if you are my chosen fair
maiden and soulmate, then
nothing and no-one will keep us apart.

I am Count Anthony, a Vampire from London, England....I trust you like
English accents my maiden??!! Where might you be my maiden??

I will tell you a little of myself fair maiden, although I have lived
for what seems an eternity yet I still seek my one true soulmate.
I am also extremely sensual, extremely dominant and very broadminded and
will take you and ravish you at will in every way possible
until you scream out in ecstasy. Distance matters not to me, for if you
are to my tastes I will get to you and feed upon thy neck without mercy,

quenching my Vampiric hunger!!!

I am the type that is not interested in material things, neither
external appearences of people
or the ages of their decaying body in the lifetime, but definately their
inner soul and spirit for that is eternal. I will never let distance or
anything else stand in the way of what
I desire in life. I detest people who play head games or who simply are

I am very spontaneous, mystical, extremely passionate, artistically
creative, very dominant, loyal, Vampiric, open and honest, broadminded,
romantic, spiritual and cosmic, darkly mysterious and very intuitive.

I adore music and play in a band part-time purely for fun and my love
for music. I also love all things artistic and creative that can
stimulate my mind. I seek a fair maiden too, that can stimulate my mind
as I believe trust and communication is most important in relationships.

I adore Gothic architecture, Art, museums, graveyards, Castles and
Cathedrals, reading, writing poetry and songs, sex (especially B&D and

Apart from being ancient and experienced in life and the wonders of the
World, I am also 6ft tall, with jet black hair, dark brown hypnotic
eyes, and a dark brown complexion. I\'m very slim built.

If you are interested my maiden, then I expect you to write me daily,
with long letters, then we will talk over the phone where I will
mermerize you and
seduce you with my deep hypnotic voice......until our desires
are such that we have to meet in person.

Now come to this tall, dark Vampire and serve me!!!

Now tell me about you my maiden...reveal your inner self to me, now!!
And send me many photos of you to gaze upon.

*Vampire kisses all over your neck.....I suck into you deeply and
without mercy I feed*

Count Anthony

ummm, evidently i did... i gotta stop putting ads everywhere.

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