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i have to pee.

i was just chatting with marco and he was telling me how some of his lj buddies have been sending him links to debs lj and how they go on about how they hate her and she a cruel bitch, yet they dont ever say how they feel to her and/or kiss her ass all the time. they just sit there and talk shit behind her back to marco. YOU GUYS ARE FUCKIN PUSSYS. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. if you have something to say, say it to her and leave him out of it. and stop sending him links to her journal and comments she posts in other peoples journals. he deleted his cause he wanted to get away from all that. just leave him the fuck alone, and let him get on with his life.

oh, and who the signed me up for am i hot or not? 1) id like to know if im hot or not. 2) whats my password? id like to be able to change the url to that picture sometime. so mail it to me please. thanks.
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