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i dont remember.

today sucked ass, though. jag got on my nerves, then i went to the factoria mall (it took forever to get there), bought too much shit, had trouble carrying it, couldnt find the bus stop, missed like three busses, didnt get to go skating as planned, havent eaten all day, cold, have to pee... yeah, thats about it. now im just waiting for jag to come home. his ass is making dinner tonight. YAY!#@!#@! he also says he quit smoking today (blah, blah, blah). i think ill cut his hair tonight >:o) oh, and play chess or checkers. i know hes gonna force me to play one of the two :o\

OH YEAH! thats what i did yesterday. played 34567345678345 games of "naughty checkers" with jag. it takes a year for jag to take his turn. i am NOT looking forward to chess tonight :o\

im infamous, yo. awwwyea.

ooo. i wasent rejected this time. now go vote!

Current Mood: hungry
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