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i cant get jag to wake up and go to work :o\

we saw shrek the other day (it was jags idea, i swear). that movies is sooo cute. last night jag said that he wants to take me rolerskating or bowling (cause were lame and there isnt shit to do here). how long has he been saying that now? hrm... if i bet him 50$ that hell ditch me, at least ill make $50. i made a separate post for this part, but you have to login to read it. you know what else im getting? fat. i tried to put the pants i bought only a couple months ago (when i started getting fat), and they dont fit. some shirts are getting too tight, old bras dont fit. shit, i didnt even have to wear a bra before :o\ i dont need to wear a belt with some of jags pants anymore (thought, they sag a bit too much). this is getting too crazy. ive never been fat before. i blame seattle. i was thin in la, and the exact same thing happened to heidi when she moved to seattle from la. oh well. guess ill start going to the gym cause i want to go swimming this summer, damnit.

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