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stupid jag woke me up.

guess who didnt go rolerskating? yeah. oh well. i did leave the house though, funfunfun. paid some bills, bought some clothes, got a needle stuck though my lip, missed a bunch of busses. the usual(?). ohhh, i bought jag some shorts the other day. he liiikes them. the poor guy didnt have any fuckin shorts. crazy. its been really hot out. just like california, but without all the fun stuff. i cant wait to go visit. if i had a car id drive down there all the time. this place is lame and overpriced. i saw this nasty ass apartment building in seattle while i was on the 43, they wanted $995 for a one bedroom. WTF? THEYVE GOTTA BE FUCKIN JOKING. EVERYTHING ON THAT STREET LOOKED ABANDONED. if you live in la and some retard tries telling you that you should move to seattle cause its so great, just slap em. they deserve it. the busses cost more and dont run as often (or as late), the weather sucks (la got more rain this winter), its ugly, you could probably make more money out there too (i know jag gets paid shit for what he does), everything closes 6-7pm (how fuckin lame is that?!@#?!@?). its seems they have more stuff made out of brick, thats all. so far ever one that i talk to in stores that came from california (they see my ca id) are like "i hated it when i first moved here, but now im used to it". the people that rant a rave about this place are just lameass scenesters. blahblahblah. this place sucks. the end.

i almost forgot. this dude mailed me a few weeks ago and now i is...
(put your mouse over the button for the alt)
he even made my little graphic. cute. i like blue :o)

i gotta make hardcore billiam a sausage sign/pic soon.
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