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man, i was in sooo much pain earlier. i was sooo pissed off i beat up the vacuum (fixed it) then cleaned most of the house. jag thinks im strange for washing pillows. fuck him! !#@!#!@#!#@!#@! oh, wait. hes been a good boy lately (except for the smoking QUIT BEFORE *I* KILL YOU). nevermind. ummm, jags boxers are tight on me. WTF??? THATS FUCKIN CRAAAZY!!! :o\ when i first got here i had the roll up the waist band cause they would fall of, AND NOW THEYRE TIGHT??? maybe ive never worn this pair before. i was wearing his boxers the other day and they didnt seem tight. ohhh, wait. i could be swollen, and there is all that food ive been eating lately... oh well. if jag doesnt come home soon im locking his ass out somehow. they made a new rule at work, he *has* to be in by *at least* 10:30am, and hes only made it once (i think), since they told him. i keep telling him to come home and sleep cause if he doesnt, he wont wake up in time (today we slept through the alarm and slept till 10:45am), and when i get up early just to wake his ass up he hates me for it, so he can sleep at work and have them wake him up if hes gonna pull this shit. goodnight. head hurts :o\

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