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po po jag.

he just woke up and was like "COOKIE!@#$!@#! COOKIE!@#$!@#!" when i got to the bed he was just like "dont leave me". hes always freaks out like that when hes sleeping. id be in bed too if the fucker didnt wake me up to tell me he just saw himself in the mirror and didnt like what he saw. WHAT THE HELL??? it *just* dawned on him that hes getting fat? ooooook. he hasent been paying attention. his dad has been telling him that since before i even came up here. ive been here for almost a year now.

i just tried to wake him up to see when he wanted to get ready for work so that he can make it on time for once. then i started doing the annoying stuff he does when im trying to sleep and he HATED IT. ha.

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