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people are so strange. this person msgs me and is asking me questions like "how do you dress?". then when he realized i wasent overjoyed to be having such a boring conversation with him, he blocked me. as if i was the one who was bugging him in the first place, or like i was gonna keep trying to talk to him or something. hahaha. the lamest people in the world msg me, i swear.

oh, just incase youre wondering how i knew this person blocked me. when he said bye, i went to say bye and it said he wasent on, and i was thinking that it would be strange if someone would log off of aim just because they werent chatting with me. so i logged off, logged on with another screen name and added him to my list and sure enough, there he was. this has probably happened to me more than once, this is just the first time ive wondered about it. freaks, i tells ya.

i think ill send him the link to this, then block him. hahaha.

wow. guess who just walked in? i guess this means hes not concerned about jeff (who has a girlfriend he could be home with) being lonely anymore, cause god forbid jeff should be lonely (at 2am).

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