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well, holy shit. my ex husband (fake) is now 1) a tattoo artist 2) in a band 3) having a kid. freeeeeeeaky. today was his birthday so i thought id give him a call. good thing he was at his moms house and she hadnt changed the number. i asked him if hes getting married and he says "i dont know, maybe". wtf? some chick is about to have his baby, dumbass better get married. at least hes planning on being there for them. god, i hope his ass stays out of jail from now on. when i go down to la i wanna see them play or at least visit. that phone call was sooo strange. he doesnt seems as hyper as he used to be, but he did sing to me and make me listen to music just as he always did. i cant wait to get the pictures hes sending!@#@#$@!

in other news... im waiting for jag to come home so we could go to dinner. im fuckin starving.

now jags asking me out. why? because he wants to ditch me so he can go hang out, but because he knows ill be pissed so hes inviting me to come along. now all of a sudden people want me around? right. they just had a birthday dinner, was i wanted around then? fuck that. its funny how he has time to go hang with jeff and raja, but never has a minute to spare for me. what ever happened to all that work he has to do? i dont even want dinner anymore.

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