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los angeles

spoke to james (bitch boy) and jamie on the phone today. when we go to la this summer were gonna go get drunk with james, and maybe visit with jamie if he doesnt go to jail :o\ i gave jamie stuarts number which was probably a bad idea, but oh well. i cant fuckin wait to get down there and visit with people!@#@!#@!#!@ maybe ill get to see domino too, if i can find her phone number. im trying to decide if i should call robert or not. his mom told him i would so i guess i should, though jamie and sturat are the main ones i wanted to get a hold of. im pretty sure robert is just fine. hes a jerk most of the time but he pretty much stays out of trouble (except for fights every once and a while from being a jerk). i dont want my jaime to go to jail :o\ who else do i wanna see? franny, maybe heather, sam and noe. OH maybe ill get to meet mike too. ooo and ill finally get to see dianas new house if she hasnt changed her numbers, maybe ill see kim too, though shes kinda far. pam is local, maybe ill visit with her. not enough time@!#@!#@!@ ill have to rent a car. oh, gotta visit jeff, my mom and everyones parents even if they arent around. then there are all the places i wanna go and things i wanna do... damn, i need at *least* a month and a decent camera :o\
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