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i just got back from lunch with jag. as we were leaving the restaurant we passed some kids from a daycare center that were on a field trip or something, and one of them yelled something "IS THAT A BLACK GUY!?!" when he saw jag. we thought that was sooo funny. then one of the other kids was like "I LIKE YOUR HAIR!!!" (to me). we were laughing so hard. thems kids were cuuute!@#$#@!#$! though sometimes kids arent so cute. ive seen kids say stuff like "WHY IS THAT LADY SO FAT AND UGLY!?!" to their parents. that shit makes me want to smack the shit out the kids *and* their parents. one of these days im gonna hate people more than i already do, and get crazy on random idiots walkin the streets. i already want to on the lj idiots, but since im *such* a nice person, i do my best to restrain myself. you should be thankful.

oh yeah, jag bought some gifts for me. books and dvds. awwwyea. i also ordered a bunch of stuff the other day (table, chairs, lamp, fan). i hope they get here soon.
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