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have you seen this?

hahaha. such bullshit. its 1:11 and jag *just* left to work in, get this... SWIM TRUNKS. GREEN AND YELLOW SWIM TRUNKS. i gave him pants, but he didnt was to wear them. so hes wearing a oldoldold t-shit with some lame logo on the front and back, BRIGHT green & yellow swim trunks, and sandals. oh yeah, and he hasnt shaved in a few days either. i know how to pick the really sexy guys dont i? ;o)

anyhow, here are some funny links maleficence sent to me.

cute movie.

funny pictures.


its too damn hot in here. hot hot hot. at least in california the apartments come with a freakin airconditioner :o\

i keep having these funky dreams lately. sooo strange. not good.

i cant wait to go to cali. SOON!@#@!%@#$%@#!
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