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jag decided he would msg my soon to be roomy and talk shit today (last night?). he would first say something like "shes a really great person and i love her, but she is one crazy, evil, bitch" and he was telling LIES, which i pointed out and he said hed fix. right. what the fuck was the point of lying in the first place? can you say "jealous"? one of the first things he said was "youre not thinking of hooking up with her, are you?" or some shit like that. then "ive been wanting to break up with her for some time now". yeah, thats why youre the one cryin, and beggin me to stay. when i say no, its "just say you want me in california and ill go". oh shit, i can quote his ass.

jag: i'll miss you
jag: unhappy about losing you
xangelicdestinyx: your fault
jag: not sure if i'll ever be able to make things right
jag: i know its my fault
jag: most things are
jag: that doesn't make it hurt less

jag: if i thought i could make things work with you, i'd follow you
xangelicdestinyx: uh huh
jag: tell me i can
jag: and i'll follow
xangelicdestinyx: sure thing
jag: you being serious ?
xangelicdestinyx: no
jag: when i feel i'm good enough for you, i'd like to try again
jag: you're special
jag: and i'm an idiot
xangelicdestinyx: jag: and i'm an idiot
xangelicdestinyx: amen
jag: noone can be an idiot forever
xangelicdestinyx: are you sure?
jag: i hope not
jag: i think i need this time in school to grow up
jag: and then, i wanna get my naomi back
jag: sounds like it could work ?
xangelicdestinyx: dont think so
jag: why not ?
jag: i can wait until you're not seeing someone else
xangelicdestinyx: cause i plan on moving on
jag: i know
jag: thats ok, i can live with that
xangelicdestinyx: if things go well that will be never
jag: they might die someday
xangelicdestinyx: hope not

jag: i took you for granted
jag: i'm sorry
jag: i had the world and i didn't appreciate it
xangelicdestinyx: isnt that nice
jag: its stupidity
jag: and now i know, and i'm afraid its too late
xangelicdestinyx: "oops"

but when hes chatting on irc and aim, its "oh man shes fucked up. crazy bitch. oh yeah im sooo glad to be rid of her. i wish she go away right now" uh huh. then when hes away from the computer its "stay another month. pleeeeeeeease. another week? please dont leave me. i wanna marry you". im not even with him and hes still being a lying, sneaky, asshole. shit, i was like "where are the cigarets?", "i dont have any" WITH A BRAND NEW PACK SITTING ON THE FUCKIN COUNTER, OK! so instead of telling him hes a stupid fucker, i just went and got the pack. what and idiot. jag is so fuckin dumb, i swear. omg, hes always telling people im crazy, right? that im paranoid, but even the other day he said that was always right when accusing him of something, its just fucked up that i point out the fact that hes a liar and a sneak. that i should have just ignored the fact that hes lying to me with a straight face and pretend that hes a great guy. fuck that. OH AND GET THIS. anyone remember when jag almost got his nose broken a year ago? he first gave me some bullshit about fighting some random guys. then he said brian did it. the second one was believable, but get this. JAG BUSTED IT HIMSELF. he says he did fight with brian, but he wasnt fucked up enough and he wanted me to feel sorry for him so he popped himself in the nose. how fuckin sick is that? this is the type of freak ive been dealing with for the past year, yet im the fucked up one? my god. now i wonder if there was even a fight. his clothes were all ripped and it looked like a fight, but who the fuck knows with this freak. this is the same fucker that was like "how dare you call me a liar while im on the phone with my friend". ummm, hello? YOU ARE. IM NOT DEAF. god, what an idiot. seriously. ive have *NEVER* known anyone who tells as many lies as jag. sometimes he straight out lies. others, he fucks with the truth a bit. its all the same to me and that what he never understood. he couldnt figure out why i never wanted to hear his crap. cause its all bullshit. im not a fuckin idiot. i know him and im not as dumb as the rest of the people who fall for his crap. his lies are so bad. youd think hed be a pro by now. anyway. i just dont like it when he tries to make me look bad for no reason other than because hes jealous. i could see if i was a theft or something and he was trying to warn him, but he was just talkin his shit to make me look bad. FUCK YOU.

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