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there goes jag out the door again. he make a big deal out of my leaving then when i stay for the weekend (wasnt really my choice to. i wasnt done with all the packing) he takes off to hang with whoever (no i havent been a bitch all day and now he has to leave because he wants to kill me). you know whats really fucked up about all of this? he was always ditching me to hang with the guy he worked with before, now he has absolutely no time for him. he called the other day and asked jag to go out to lunch or dinner and jag said he couldnt because of me, then took of to hang out with brian and ray. i knew jag would be less of a friend once i left and he got his boyfriend back. the only reason he was so tight with jeffr in the first place was because he needed to use him as a reason to get away from me. hed do this while we were talkin about something, "i gotta go. jeff is gonna go out side to smoke and i want get to work so we can smoke together", "i gotta go jeff is going to lunch. i know i havent even made it to work yet, but i think its time that i take my lunch break". he wouldnt even finish our conversation. the phone would ring and hed run out the door. i hope that next time i have a normal boyfriend. not someone who is fucked up in the head as jag, cause he is fucked. if you know knew how his brain really works. heh. he doesnt have a job anymore, right? so whats his plan? hes gonna buy a truck with his unemployment money. for a fuckin year i was like we need a car jag we need a car. did he give a fuck? now because he wants to go snowboarding hes gotta buy a truck. he really doesnt give a fuck about anyone other than himself. hes ok to talk to sometimes cause he pretends that he gives a fuck but he really doesnt. he really coudlnt give a fuck about anyone other than his boyfriend. thats probably the only person he doesnt talk shit about and will bend over... backwards for. it really disgusting. the one person that is truly a piece of shit in is life is the one he cant live without. sometimes i wonder if his dad help turn him into this retard. his dad would beat the shit out of him for thinking hes gay and wearing girls clothing and makeup, so when jag got the chance, what did he do? suck brians dick. jag even says "if you dont want me to do something, i will end up doing it". his dad would beat the shit out of him for eating with his mouth open, does he still eat with his mouth open? of course. everything that his dad didnt want him to do he has done. so the same thing happened here. i tell him to take out the garbage. does he take out the garbage? hell no. i tell him i dont want to hear him eating his food, does he keep his mouth shut while eating? no. thats just the way things are with jag. work told him he had to be in by 10:30, did he ever make it in by 10:30? nope. more like 3:30. theyd say have this code done by monday, would he have it done? maybe by friday. oh well. at least im not gonna be around anymore to watch him fuck shit up like he always does. the other thing that also disgusts me is that jag thinks hes fuckin cute by doing these things. like that he a real man because he doesnt do what other people want him to do. and i think from hanging around brian hes come to the conclusion that if you fuck alot of people over, get drunk all the time and act like a jerk, people will think youre cute. jag has said to me that he knows hea an asshole but hes an asshole in a "cute" way. it fucking disgusting. why would he want to be a cute asshole? so he could get as much pussy as brain? and maybe have a dumb wife that will have your kid and put up with the fact that youll fuck everything that walks because even though youre an asshole, youre still cute (which hes not. hes dumb as a brick and ugly as hell. i dont see it)? these people make me want to barf. what also pisses me off is his parent are rich. they arent american and they hate americans. but hag is gonna go to school and collect 2000$ in unemployment a month for the next 2 years? what the fuck? that cant be right. oh aaaaaaaaaaand, i love the fact that whines about how i wont kiss him n shit yet he would never shave his face. this guy has thick black hair and i told him i didnt want him rubbing his face all over mine and making me skin raw, as if all the drool wasnt bad enough. all he had to do was shave. would he? fuck no. but does he shave to go hang out with brian? of course. gotta look good for your boyfriend and make sure your stubble doesnt hurt his dick as its sliding in and out of your mouth. at least the fact that he wouldnt shave ment i didnt have to kiss him. i am gonna go vomit now.
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