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jag is msged my ex soon to be roomy again. "i made it clear to naomi where mine sit (his nuts), and we're breaking up over it" or some crap like that. no were not. ive been with jag for a fuckin year. i liked him at first but getting to know the real him killed all that. i stayed thinking things would change and i would feel the way i once did, but they didnt, so now im going. shiiiiiit. hes the one saying that hed move to california in a heartbeat if i asked him to. so who really has his nuts, eh? and he does everything his father says not to do, but doesnt it behind his back. where the fuck is the nuts in that? sounds like the the pussy thing to do if you ask me. "i did something i was told not to so im just gonna lie and be sneaky about it". he say i controlled his life. there i was one, only one person i had a problem with when i came up here and i was ready to deal with that until jag said it wouldnt be a problem because he didnt want anything to do with brian anymore. he stuck to that until i got here, then he decided he was gonna be a liar and a sneak cause its not like i had anywhere else to go and i had a huge problem with that. so i told him i was gonna go, but he said that he fucked up and he was sooooooooooo sorry and all that bullshit and i believed him so i stayed. huge mistake. so now he labels me as the bitch that tried to control his entire life. what fucking crap. i am not his father. i didnt tell him that he couldnt watch tv like his father, then beat the crap out of him when i came home i found that the tv was warm. yet his father is this nice guy and im some evil monster? yeah. id tell him to put his laundry in the laundry room so his shit wouldnt be scattered all around the house. id tell him not to pee on the toilet seat since i use it too, id tell him not to eat with his mouth open cause it disgusting and i *have* to eat with him since he lives here n all. id tell him to shave his face if he was gonna want a kiss so that my face wouldnt be raw. i told him to spit out his toothpaste instead of swallowing it because thats gross. like id want his drool im my mouth after that. i know what the crap in his mouth smells like. id tell him not to lie to me because i dont like liars and no one likes to be lied to. all of these things were too much for jag to handle so he decided i was this monster bitch. THIS IS HOW I CONTROLLED JAGS LIFE. poor poor jag. ugh. i dont care. i just want this to be over and not have to deal with him and his stupid bullshit anymore. now hes on the phone trying to be cute n talk shit about me all cryptic. like i give a fuck. if he wanted to talk shit couldnt he just say "come get me" and do it then? hahaha. nah, of course not. he has to make sure i know that hes talking to brian and that hes got a seeeeeeecret. he puts emphasis on certain words "first it was "BOOZE" now its "DOSE". looks like hes gonna have to get pretty fucked up tonight to forget about this evil bitch, eh? good.

oh now hes off the hone and wants to taaaaaaaaaaalk.

you know how this all started? jag tells himself lies until he believes them and forgets the truth. so when he told me that he was chatting with scott and told me what he was saying. i corrected him. them and was like "oh" and i guess the truth hurt his feeeeeeeelings. so now hes gonna go paaaaaaartay! he so cool.

now hes out of the shower and guess who wants to staaaaaaaaaaay and hang with the evil bitch instead. not gonna happen.

oh man, im fuckin slow. it just dawned on me that if hes telling scott this shit, then he must be telling his friends something like it. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. "shes such a bitch, i just cant deal with it anymore". i am a bitch, but thats not why im leavin.

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