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still awake

i miss my computer :o\ i need a job. stupid blisters on my feet prevent me from walking around and picking up apps. i couldnt even put my shoes on when scotts mom took us out to lunch, yesterday. i had to wear scotts big ole floppy shoes. actually, they werent very floppy. i have big feet.

we need to go to the store. there is nooo food in this house. i dont know what this guy eats. i guess he always eats out. today we *have* to go to the store. eating out all the time isnt cheap, and were broke.

ugh. my head is killing me. i dont think i drank enough water today :o\ i think ill stay up all day so i can go to bed at a normal time.

jobjobjob. i need money. what should i do. hmmm. maybe ill become a hooker since im such a slut already, eh quiana (botai)?

hahaha. did you hear that jag? YOU WERE WITH A SLUT FOR A YEAR AND DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT. i know you dont remember us ever having sex, but it did happen. i am such a horny bitch, i just couldnt live without it. i didnt want to blow my cover as "the-only-not-slutty-chick-jag-has-ever-dated", so i did ya while you were sleeping so youd think it was only a dream ;o)

i should also say (for those of you who want to bone down with my roomie). I AM NOT FUCKING HIM EITHER. i was with jag for a year and we didnt have sex, so what makes you think im gonna spend two days with scott and fuck his brains out? you people are nuts. i do not want to fuck him. i do not want to fuck ANYONE at this point in time. i dont even like sex with guys and i dont foresee that changing anytime soon. so if you want to get on scott, get on scott. he is still available. but dont bother if youre a nutcause or a slut cause im a "nutcase/slut/all around shitty person detector", and given my track record scott would have to be retarded to think i was just talking shit. only normal, decent, pretty girls (hes a sucker for a pretty face) need apply.

hahaha. i finally checked my email...

"honey ?
I miss you a lot, send me a mail back please. Fuck, I don't know what
I've done. I'm so stupid. Be on aim tomorrow please.


i have a feeling hes gonna be calling me "honey", and "cookie" forever. hell be married and see me on aim...

"jag: cookie ?"


its hard to type on a computer thats not mine. i fuck up alot more than usual. its a good thing i dont care. like, "alot" is not a word, but do i give a fuck? what do you think?

i hope the asprin starts to kick in soon.
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