angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

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ive missed you sooo much.

so much id like to say, but i wont.

soon im gonna be living above the clouds (i think). first i have to visit with old friends (today, today, today!#@!#@!). we will talk and make plans for the future.

im on my rag and dont know if i feel better yet, so if i start to freak out and cry or want to kill for no reason, that means im still psming.

i wish i had a car. i really need one now, but im gonna need one even more in a month or so.

just sitting here waiting for scott to get ready so we can be on our way. i dont know why he didnt do this a few hours ago instead of last minute. i bet someone is waiting for him (again). he never makes dates. he never tells me about the dates he makes even though i ask 342532453213x, then it turns out hes late for something. i dont understand.

miss you.
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