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i dont ever want to do that again. i am not going on a long trip with those fuckers again. danny decided it would be a *good idea* to SMOKE A BOWL* WHILE* DRIVING and then didnt understand why freaked out. as if im the one who was being nutty. then his retard friend that i had already heard so many wonderful things about (last night was my first time meeting him) decided it would be real smart swerve back and forth from lane to lane going 90 miles per hour without a blinker. as if he was in a hurry to be somewhere? what he needed to talk to someone in los angeles about how he wants to go to a strip club and see some fine bitches with"tig bittys"and how they are gonna grind their shit all over him? i guess telling me and danny for the 124135245135163 time got boring. i feel sorry for his girlfriend. this dude was drooling over every chick that walked by him. it was gross. also, its one thing to drool, but i didnt want to hear about "hoe this" or "slut that". oh, also on the way up i told dannys friend he could sit shotgun. the dude kept the window open the whole time and bitched about how hot it was. i was fuckin freeeezing so i said i was cold. then he started whining about how he was gonna burn up if he had to roll window up. so danny turned the heater on a bit and he STILL bitched. then danny told him to shut the fuck up cause when ever he sits in back hes always bitching about how its cold and he wants the windows up. heh. this guy was driving me nuts. so i made fun of him the whole time. he kept blowing ciagret smoke in dannys face like he was trying to tell him something *wink, wink*, plus i had good stuff to piss him off about from years ago when he was trying to fuck angel. i see now people dont like that guy, though he did seem ok for a while. i wanted to smack the shit out of him and his wanna be hardcore gangster ass. dannys still the homie, though. hes ok except for the smoking bud and wanting to drink all the time part of him. i guess it didnt bother me too much before cause he was never the one driving. now that he was it made me want to rip my hair out@!#$!#@! never again.

oh man. there are only a few more people that i went to school with that i havent seen since ive been back. so far all of them are even more retarded than before. its sad. oh well. i wish i had all my phone numbers in my head. the only ones i remember still are to people that i went to school with. why the hell did i spend so much time on the phone with those freaks? jeez. i love my friends from school. we had some really funny times, but man they are fuuucked up. more now than ever before. though, i think the numbers i have at my moms house in a box or bag somewhere are probably disconnected. SO THEY MAY BE ALL IVE GOT :o\


sjibbio: I really miss you!
xangelicdestinyx: eh?
sjibbio: i do.
xangelicdestinyx: who the hell are you
sjibbio: Not good enough for you, I reckon..

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