angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

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im baaaaaaaaaaaaack

i moooved again, and ive got my internet back. woohoo ("jagr00lz"). now i must remember to take my sleeping pills tonight, or i wont fall asleep till the sun comes up :o\

i had the such a funky dream last night (this morning?). this guy (a friend of a person) tried to kiss me and, ended up making out with my chin. i woke up wanting to run. i thought the guy just wanted a hug, or somethin. heh.

today is "plan day". i am gonna make a written plan (been working on it. im almost done), and stick to it. then i will wait patiently for my retainers to show up, so i can meet with people without them asking why i have a steel ball under my lip. till then, i guess ill go through all my clothes, and look for something nice to wear or exercise. something other than sitting here, cause thats no fun.

i wish i had a freakin car or tv. im sick of the computer.
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