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Luv ErOcK: and I am your cyber bitch

thats all you need know ;o)

booorededed. sooo freakin bored. i should go to the library. i dont think i have a library card :o\ i did. dont know where the hell that went, though.

id go pick up applications to shit thats easy to bus to, but i dont have a retainer for my lip and its open again from taking it out and putting it back it so much lately :o\ i mailed the guy last week to see if he sent my order out, he says he did, but ive yet to see them and its been a few weeks. i doubt they are ever gonna show up anyhow, cause they were sent to scotts. i lose money everyday that i dont have a job, so i guess ill just have to buy new ones. 16$. ah well.

tv. its been years, i want to watch tvvvvvv.

i need a life. maybe i should get off of the computer and see if the phone rings. or if i get real desperate, ill call people.

oh, ive also decided something about myself. i think im content. maybe, maybe not. well see how things turn out, but i do believe things will be good someday.

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