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shoot me pleeease.

im sleepy and my mom says she needs to type something up and its gonna take ~5 hours. i cant sleep while she types cause shell be doing it right next to my head and i have nothing to do to keep my ass awake during that time. fuck :o\

RainShm: just a thought, but if you ever die a premature death, can i have your hair made into a wig.. i just so fucking love your hair.. just a thouht like i said...
xangelicdestinyx: you could buy a wig and dye it
RainShm: lol.. oh that would be too easy see.. and i don't want to wear it.. just look it.. i could put it the corner of my living room, right next to my shiva statue and altar.. would be a nice conversation piece..
xangelicdestinyx: ooooooooook
RainShm: lol.. okay so i am a bit odd.. i get fixated on hair a bit too much... i wonder if their is a clinical term for that...? anyhow, i will let you be..jsut random thoughts for the evening..
xangelicdestinyx: heh heh
RainShm: {wondering if that was a "'heh-heh'-this-boy-is-screwy-in-the-head" or a "'heh-heh'-thank-goodness-he-is-leaving"} hmmph... ltr

freaky. if ever end up dead and missing all my hair, someone should look this dude up. heh.

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