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someone save me. someone take me away from this awful place.

yeah, cause everyone is going to bed. i hate when that happens. anyhow, i got to talk to the homie i never get to talk to. hes funny. he gets all freaked out when he think im flirting with him. so i say things on purpose to freak him out. hehehe. poor him. i dont know why all the good ones have to not like me and/or have a girlfriend. damn them all$@!$@! ahhh, well. talking to him was fun. im glad he came back tonight. last night he came on just as my sleeping pills were kicking in. i was so out of it, i had to go. now everyone is leaving me. the last person i was chatting with is saying goodnight. guess ill go too :o\ oh wait. a new window just popped up. guess ill stay for a bit longer. shit. i have to be up early and i just noticed the time. guess im gonna have to take a sleeping pill. my head is starting to two :o\ i have a lot to get done tomorrow. lets hope i get most of it done.


oh, wow. the livejournal man himself is msging me telling me to entertain him. its a shame it aint gonna happen, but i feel sooo honored or something.

hawk is a funny, funny, fella.

oh, yeah. would anyone like to give me 30,000 - 50,000$? id really appreciate it. thanks.

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