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fuck the bullshit its time to throw down.

i went to the thrift store the other day. THAT RULED. i wish i had a normal camera then i could set it up to take pictures of myself in what i bought (it doesnt come out so well in the cam). i bought all brand new shit. gowns with the tags still on em for like ~5$ each. that made my fuckin day. i also bought this black coat thats really neat. it wasnt as inexpensive, though. its one of those real heavy soft loooooong (down to my feet) coats with he feathers around the collar. it was probably really expensive when it was new. there isnt much wrong with it, it just needs a new button and to be dry cleaned. i figure even if i never wear it out, it was a great deal and i can always sell it on ebay. ill try to take a picture of it and the rest of the crap i bought soon. thrift stores fuckin rule, sometimes. now i just gotta find somewhere to go in all my neato shit.

tomorrow i hope to find out what can be done about school, cause im freakin bored and need something to do. i havent heard from anyone about the applications i turned in, yet. though someone might have called when my mom was on the phone or while i was online, so ill have to give everyone a call. hopefully everything will get straightened out this week and i will know whats going on with school and work. if i actually get to do both, that would rule.

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