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all my lovers have deserted me.

first mr.g0sh went to get pizza in his pjs and never came back. my bitch ran off with his homies to cause trouble in his hood and brad went to his comfy bed without me. fuckers :o\ id be in bed right now too if my mom wasnt being a big ole bitch right now. oh well.

lets see. um. nothing is going on. i had a shitty day on thursday. first i missed a bus, a few hours passed, blah blah blah, then i missed another bus. that just happened to leave me standing on a corner till 10:45, where i was harassed by just about every asshole in this city. one guy stalked me the whole time i was waiting for the bus and even got out of his car to tell me to get in. i was like "no". he was like "get in" i was like "NO", then the fucker asked why i wouldnt get in i was like "because i fuckin said so". like couldnt he tell by the look on my face that i wasnt amused? i guess not. the fuckin idiot just hung around the rest of the time telling me to get in from his car. i want him dead. i finally got home. the rest is a blur up until now. oh, homegirl wants me to go paaaaaaaartay with her when she gets off of house arrest. hahaha. im pretty sure i shouldnt go, though. she seems like she might be kinda wild. thats ok, but if she doesnt use her brain im sure well end up in some sort of funky situation. i dont like funky situations at all these days. wait a second, she doesnt smoke. she might have a brain of her own after all. well see.

oh, yeah. i deleted all my livejournal pictures that show my whole face. i got sick of looking at it. i dont like this eye so much either. time to take new pictures, i suppose.

and i just stabbed myself TWICE with a little pair of scissors. thats a lot of blood comin from such a tiny finger.

is it monday yet? :o\

my late night chats are so good.

jag: whats new ?
xangelicdestinyx: eh?
jag: you doing ok still ?
xangelicdestinyx: yes
jag: good
jag: i'm not home yet
jag: so its not like i can talk bunches
jag: just
jag: i missed you
jag: i decided to walk
xangelicdestinyx: then why are you online
jag: and i had your pink ribbon in my pocket
jag: and i was thinking about things
jag signed off at 1:54:39 AM.

his boyfriend must have walked into the room thats why he had to exit real fast without sayin bye bye. heh.

ItHasntBeenMyDay: i got two words for you . . . really really hot girl.
xangelicdestinyx: two words?
ItHasntBeenMyDay: sorry. it's late ad i felt like saying something dumb to a pretty girl.
xangelicdestinyx: i see

lj is always breakin on me. it wont let me comment on nothin :o\ :o\

my tummy hurts :o\ :o\ :o\

Bagamaagan: I have returned to rescue you from boredom
xangelicdestinyx: IM GOING TO BED

hes tooooooo late. boredom his stabbed me in the pinky, made my tummy hurt and now im gonna die.

night night.

hrm, my tummy isnt hurting as much anymore. maybe it just wanted to chat steve a bit. freaky. think ill actually go to bed this time.

ni ni.

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