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today sucked. i wanted to be productive, but i failed. the good thing is, today is almost over and i can try again tomorrow.

i deleted all the people on my yahoo buddy list. so if you chat with me there, msg me so i can add you back to my list. im glad that when you minimize yahoo and aim the button doesnt stay in your taskbar anymore. i hate having 5432562532 buttons down there. which also reminds me to say: if you msg me and youre not gonna say anything. dont. i usually keep my chats minimized so they dont pop up again and catch parts of my other conversations. so when people msg me for no reason other than to say hi (jag), or to have a conversation with a 30 minute pause in between replys (jag), it pisses me off. i dont want to keep your buttons in my taskbar and i dont want you popping up in the middle of my other chats. instead of msging me every single time were both online, wait till the end of the day or something. figure out what you wanna say and send it to me all at once (jag). ive told some people this (jag), but they dont listen. so now its here as a reminder, and a note for all those random imers who msg me with shit like "you: ? me:? you: ? me:? you: ? me:?" or "you: hey me: hey you: hey me: hey you: hey me: hey ". from now on, i just block people who do that. i leave your window around for a bit then two hours later i get yet another "hey" from you. i dont have the patience to deal with people anymore. im hungry and about to be on my rag. fuck with me and die.

oh shit. i lost track of time. i gotts to go.

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