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hate you :oP

its funny how most of the time ive got 24235134234 chat windows open and it drives me crazy to see that many buttons in my taskbar. now i have none and thats driving me crazy because i have no one to talk to. all my favorite chat people are either idle or not one :o\ i hate all of you for having lives! :oP

i gotta get some laundry done or else im gonna be screwed for tonight. i also need to remember to go to the store so i can buy more sleeping pills. i hate being up all night unless its for a good reason these days. i need other crap too but that can wait, i suppose. tomorrow its job hunt day for me again. ive already wasted most of today. i hate when i do that! oh well. i hope to find a job that i dont hate and that once i start working ill be so busy i wont have time to be bored or awake at 3am. im doing real well with feeling almost normal again. the thought of leaving the house doesnt make me ill like it didnt around this time last year.

oh, i hooked up my speakers again, so now i can listen to music :oD needless to say i have listening to "as the world falls down, within you & underground" by david bowie, over, and over, and over again. it makes me happy. i love labyrinth :o)

now ive got "lets dance & never known a girl like you" :oD
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