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let me show you the world in my eyes.

getting a full body massage is like being loved by some dude youve never met before. I WONDER IF HELL MARRY ME?@#?!#?

my good keyboard is broken. i hate this one :o\

omfg. im already starting to feel ill from my massage. holy shit, im gonna die. i must have had a shit load of toxins stuck in my body. yuck. if i drink much more water im gonna explode, but i haaaaaaaaaaave to or ill feel worse. someone should come take care of meeeeee. blah :o\

boy, once im healthy im gonna feel so much better after a massage.

oh, and before i forget to post about this. the weather here has been fuckin great. im kinda cold right now, but its been so nice when i go out. not real hot and not real cold. its been very comfortable lately.

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