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youre in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort here

people are asking me to post. so....

ive gotta pee.

i did good today.

it fuckin rained on me as soon as i walked out the door :o\ i was coooooooold. its not *really* cold. its been a bit colder than usual, which doesnt go well with my dry skin.

i keep getting booted from the internet. how fuckin annoying. so if you say something to me in a chat and i dont respond, its probably cause i got booted and didnt receive it. so, send again.

i think ill go to bed soon. watch a dvd, then go to sleep. i want to get up very early tomorrow, so lets home i dont sleep till 3pm :o\

what else. hrm...

my stupid cam doesnt wanna work no mo :o\

who wants to give me their car? :o\ i wonder if i could talk someone into buying a car for me and then ill pay them off. there is no way im ever gonna be able to get a car loan :o\

early, early, early. pleeeeeease dont sleep till 3pm.

nice. my email isnt working. well it hasnt worked for a day or so, but i figured theyd get it workin sooner of later. i thought it was wokin again, but its not. before it wouldnt let me login with my password, now it will but wont give me my mail :o\ so dont mail me till i say my mail is workin again.

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