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every now and then i fall apart

Luv ErOcK: i love you
xangelicdestinyx: i know

you guys are all invited to the wedding ;o)

i am fuckin freeeeeezing, but thats only because im wearing boxers and my bra. if i werent so lazy id go pull something out of a suitcase to keep warm.

its such a pain in the ass to move my computer shit around every week cause my mom is retarded.

i started this post wanting to write about the things that have been going on since the last time i wrote, but now that im here, i cant remember. fuckin shit. next time im about to post i should shut off all my chat thingys so i dont get distracted :o\

been in a foul mood all week. started bleeding yesterday. today i feel better. gotta remember to drink tons of water and start working out. i think ill go to the park to do that. there is no room here.

i think ive got a rant in me somewhere. log in just incase.

be back later. maybe.

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