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anyone whos ever had a heart, wouldnt turn around and break it.

i was up until 7 or 8am yesterday :o\ thats what happens if i dont take my sleeping pills these days. so last night i bought some more to make sure that doesnt happen again anytime soon. it sucks because i was sleepy around 10pm but my mom was doing something so i couldnt sleep. then when i could, i wasnt sleepy anymore. if im not gonna be taking the pills i guess i have to go to sleep as soon as i feel it or itll go away and not come back :o\

what else... oh, im stupid. when some hot guys offers to do something for you even though he knows someone else is taking care of it and shell be back in a few seconds. you dont say "no, thats ok. shell be right back". you say, "yes, could you please :o)". hahaha. shoot me.

oh well. at least im doing better at something than i thought i was (whew). thats always good to know.

shaving everyday during the winter is a pain in the ass. so is putting on makeup when youve broken out :o\ ill be off my rag soon so maybe my face will go back to normal. i hope, i hope.

im hungry. im supposed to run a few errands, but i dont feeeeel like it. blah.
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