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sweet destiny, carried me through desperation, to the one that was waiting for me.

it will be at least 1:30am before i get to sleep if i take the pills now and who knows what time if i dont. i want to sleep without the pills so bad cause there are things i need to do tomorrow and ill never be able to wake up in time if i take em :o\ this is why i need a god damn boyfriend who knows how to give a massage. i need someone to make me all warm and relaxed so i can fall asleep like normal people. plus it will make my back feel 123412423414x better. i hate my back. hrm. now that im thinking about it, thats not such a bad idea. i wonder if i can put an ad in the paper for something like, "decent looking female in need of clean good looking male to massage her to sleep every night then cuddle up beside her till morning". i dont really want all the rest of the junk that comes with a relation ship, do i? nope i dont think so. if massage boy could be someone i liked talking to thatd be a plus. maybe someday when im rich ill get me one of them. it wouldnt be such a bad job to have.
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