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life seemed a fair sacrifice for peace.

i didnt get around to calling anyone today. well, not anyone that i hadent already called since ive been here. i just called my friends grandma. her granddaughter moved out. i probably wont see he again unless her relationship with her new boyfriend doesnt work out. im pretty sure it wont. hell be done with her in a few months. theyre supposed to get married soon. heh, fuckin idiots. oh well. maybe things will work out for her. id like to see that happen this time. she so different now. youd think shed get smarter as she gets older, eh? maybe its the drugs. maybe its genetic. shes smart. shell be ok once her brain starts working correctly. thats what ill wish for her. not that things workout between her and her new boyfriend, but that she gets her brain workin again. its been so long. its almost like the person i once knew is dead. maybe she is. either way, ill be missing her.

there are things i should be doing right now, but instead i think ill just watch a dvd. whats tomorrow, sunday? ill make phone calls when i wake up. gotta send out and ecard in a few minutes. i hope i dont forget. my memory is so shitty :o\

i doubt you ever read this and it would probably be better if you didnt, but ill say it here anyhow and point this to you if i end up forgetting.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!#$@!$#@! youre very a special person. im lucky to know you :o) hope you have a ton-o-fun on your bday!

i know said it on thanksgiving, but i think, you though that i was trippin. plus, its not the same when people say it a few days before just to be safe. there is only one day a year that celebrates a persons birth. yours is one worth remembering.

oh boy, that was gay (didnt say it to piss you off xbrokenx. sorry, its just the way i talk). im all mushy today for some reason, arent i? and, shit. look at the time! i can send the card in two minutes. hahaha. i type slow! ill go look for one now.

since im, me. i dont have to do things in chronological order :oP

the freakin rain woke me up. it was a nice thing to wake up to. i like rain. i dont like wind. well, i like wind when im indoors and not freezing my ass off in it. today was a nice rain, though i didnt go out in it. i probably should have, but i hate being cold :o\

what else...

when i post this much, you know im doing it just to keep busy. heh. i will probably append to this till i crash. then tomorrow will be my "read the chapter" day. blah.

none of these ecars are good enough :o\

bowtomecha was posting old posts and i thought id like to see what i said last year on this day. so i did.

i remember that fishy. it was a pretty little fishy. think i want a new fishy someday. i remember wanting to get another fishy but feeling bad about replacing old fishy. i think i was cleaning its bowl and put it something else while the clean water was becoming room temperature. i must have gone to bed before putting it back in its tank. i didnt know it would jump :o\ im sorry.

oh, shit. i just looked at what was said the next day. heh. my memory doesnt suck in the long term. its mostly my short term thats bad. in fact, thats what one of the papers in my high school file said "short term memory loss". arent i lucky :o\

im hungry. dont think ill eat, though. instead ill just sit around waiting for these pills to kick in.

oh, yeah. i bought two bottles of melatonin. im broke and spend the money that i do have, on pills. isnt that nice.
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