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running over the same old ground. what have you found? the same old fears.

ive been ditching school. woohoo. i want to get 100% on these two tests (cause thatll give me the equivalent of an a in this class) and i didnt study at all. ive had sooo many days to do this too since he pushed one of the tests back till monday (yesterday). so now i figure ill just not go and spend that time reading. but do i? no :o\ ok. im gonna read. ill be on and ill take breaks to lj and chat, but i *have* to read this chapter, memorize the bones and bony landmarks. so fuckin boring. goodbye.

who would like to give me 17,000(?)$ for xmas? there are some classes (not boring ones. yay) i need and its gonna cost about that much :o\

oh, god. xmas already? jeez. when most of you start posting about how you love this time of year, pictures of your decorated house and lovely family. thats when stop reading livejournal. i think ill quit lj for a month. i remember reading last year and if i have to read one fuckin post about how daddy didnt buy you the bmw you wanted or it wasnt the right color, ill kill.

im stalling. can you tell? i need motivation. i cant get comfortable enough to read this boring shit. i have nowhere to sit in this house that doesnt make my legs go numb (the floor). and if i lie down my hands go numb from holding the book up. ive tried sitting against the wall but my legs start hurt, or my back. my back always hurts, though. i want one of those chairs that will help with my posture and a desk, damnit. i wouldnt even be sitting here at the computer if i wasnt addicted. i think the pain in my legs is cause ive gained weight and now the blood isnt circulating like it used to. im not very healthy. it didnt used to hurt when id sit on the floor, though :o\

wasnt i supposed to go bye bye?

i have to pee. blah blah blah.
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