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heaven holds a sense of wonder.

when i wake up to rain, it should be a holiday for naomi. when i wake up to jag bitching me out on multiple aim clients i should then get a holiday week. jeez. youd think cause you blocked someone email and all their aim screen names theyd leave you the fuck alone. not in my life. oh my god. there is even this one guy who msged me the other day. he got mad cause i blocked him, so he msged me from like 20 other screen names. even i dont have 20 fuckin aim screen names. i dont know if he made em all that day, or what. but he was fuckin nutty. and people like that have to wonder why wont speak to them? "ummm, youre crazy". anyhow, they are both funny in the head and i wont go on. i told myself no more jag posts and ive been doing a pretty good job of keeping it that way, so far.

i feel yucky. its too cold, im hungry, and... its too freakin cold. some chick said something about it raining really hard on sunday. i hope it does. i dont have to do a damn thing sunday, so it can rain all day and night for all i care. im not planning on leaving my blanket once. ill just lie here and listen to it. it will probably put me back to sleep. though, im sure my mom will figure out a reason why i should have to move all my computer shit again and sit in the other room and freeze my ass off.

ive been eating nothing but nuts and ramen, but now theyre all gone. im starting to feel ill. maybe all the ramen had something to do with my feeling so shitty when i lived in my ghetto apartment. im sure the fact that i live in a ghetto apartment didnt help much, either. heh. well, ya cant beat 10 cents a meal when youre broke and/or trying to save money. ill have to figure something else out, though. i dont ever want to feel like that again. i wish i had gotten a burger or something while i was out yesterday. i said i would, but ended up just taking my sleeping pills so i wouldnt be bothered. healthy :o\

i dont know what im gonna do today. i should go to the library, food store, crap store & i dont know. somewhere. as long as its not here. someplace thats heated would be nice.
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