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im a stranger to myself.

ok. ive been dressed for a while now. why havent i left the house? im pissed off cause it not raining. im ready for it, damnit :o\ oh well. today i must buy a pack pack, highlighters, pens, pencils, binders, folders, leggings... what else. maybe a watch cause i never know what time it is a when i go out and that annoys me. if i can find my pager ill just stick some batteries in that, so i guess ill hold off on the watch for a bit. ok, and once i get these things what should i do? i need to buy bus tokens. i wanna get some red and maybe green hair dye since its december n all. then... i guess i could eat. that would be nice. i haven done much of that lately. maybe go to the library. maybe study. i should eat first, so i dont pass out. yeah, eat first. then school stuff, girlie store, then library, cause i should end up in that area anyhow. if i dont go to the library there cause i dont feel like walking, ill get on the bus and go to another one. maybe. and ill study in that city instead. yeeeah... no. one city today. i wont go to the library. i can do that and a few other things tomorrow. i dont think i want to go into a mall. avoid the mall, please. but what if i wanna eat in the mall? damnit :o\ no. i will eat at a restaurant. heh. if i can wait that long. maybe i want fast food right now? no, i dont. ill live. if i leave soon.

anything to keep from doing the things i should be doing, eh? the sooner i leave here, the sooner i eat. so im off.

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