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this is one huge lump o shit

why is it that im ok while im out but as soon as i come home and try to get comfy, i start to freeze my ass off? when i came home i wasnt cold. even when i got ready for bed i was fine. now im sitting here freezing my ass off :o\ ive decided to spend at least a dollar a day on food when i go out. i havent been eating well/at all, lately. i have been taking my vitamins. i need more food and less big hard poop. oh my god. the other day i had the biggest (thick not long) poop i think ive ever had. it was sooo painful. i didnt bleed much, though. god, that sucked :o\ i also need to start working out. i really need to get my legs in shape. i was telling people today that i have stretch marks and they were like "you had a baby?" and i was like "no, i gained weight", "oh, and you noticed when you lost it?", "no, i noticed just a few months ago. i havent lost it yet", "you were thinner than this? YOURE NOT EVEN FAT". hahaha. anyhow. if paying off my credit card bill, student loans and car insurance wasnt sucking me dry id join a gym or something. ill just have to make some space in here or go to a park and exercise, instead. in six months though, i will definitely have a membership at a gym. i want one. either that or i better live in an apartment with a gym. oh, i ended up flaking on jamie. bet hes pissed. ive decided i do not want to work in a hospital. though, i am gonna get my crp card tomorrow because it can come in handy. especially if i have ever have kids. what else... my mom is nuts. oh, duh. i already knew that. the other day she was talking about how someone told her to get a restraining order on me. ON ME? please, shes the one who couldnt even call me when i moved to my first apartment till she got the number from the operator. so i was like "go for it, i dare you" then hopped into the shower. while i was in the shower she came in here and took her computer out. which means she just made things more comfortable for me! i had been asking her to do that forever and she wouldnt just because shes fuckin retarded. so when does she finally do it? when shes just gotten finished telling me that i shouldnt be here and shes gonna get a restraining order on me. nut job. though, that did give me and idea. if she stalks me down again, ill get one on her ass. ha! anyhow, things have been much nicer since she hasnt had a reason to wake me up at retarded hours to tell me i need to wake up and move all my computer stuff to the kitchen cause she wants to be on hers. now hers is out there with her and mine is in here with me, so we dont see each other every much. thank god. oh, wait. she still does wake me up at retarded hours, but thats to tell me things like "you left your brush on the counter. dont ever do that again". which is retarded cause you cant even find the floor in the living room. and shes bitching at me cause i left my brush, or my tweezers on the counter? anything to be an annoying bitch, i swear.

as always. blah, blah, blah.
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