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yesterday, on the way home from school, i nearly got myself killed. i swear, i did not see that car coming. it sucked so bad. well, not really. it just scared the shit out of both of us. it was my fault. there were all these cars parked in the way and i thought it was safe to go, but then i almost got hit. scary. now im extra careful. i hate vans. i hate trucks.

i was just thinkin to myself "im not going to school tomorrow", then i remembered "i have to". sucks. im half way through with all the tests i missed from not going. woohoo. i think im doing pretty well on all of them. i think ill be getting a pretty good grade in that lame ass class. SOON ITLL BE OVER. HAHAHA. NO MORE DR. WHATS-HIS-NAME. thank god. that class is boooooooring. i cant understand most of what he says because of the way he phrases things and his thick accent.

i just thought of something else too. i dont have to move my car. for a minute there, i thought i did.

oh, today i got banned from the miss_lj community. guess i wont be "miss_lj" anytime soon, eh? sucks, cause i think i was winning. hahaha. too funny.

ok. sleep time.
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