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i made a mistake. i was supposed to move my car. when i took off for school i didnt have a ticket, so im just hoping i dont get one in the mail. i gotta see about parking in the apartments parking structure. so i finished up that one test i didnt have time to complete. i think i did pretty well on it. oh wait, there is still one more part to that test that i didnt complete. i thought it was something else, so ive gotta do that monday. fun. that test was hard. no wonder most failed it. i was crazy for thinking i could finish it at the end of class, the other day. it took me a long time to finish up, today even. the next one is gonna be easy, i think. i have most of the stuff memorized. woohoo. so after that one i just have a few more that we havent be given yet and im done with the tests and can sleep while people are having a merry christmas.

fuckin turtlehead just came on and was talking about food. fucker.

what i dont understand is why would you be chatting on aim of you have a party going in in your house AND in your pants? eh, synja? :oP hahaha. hes fuckin wasted. i wont even tell you what he just said. i just hope he doesnt say things like that to people in real life. he might get kicked in the nuts afterwards :oP too funny.

i want to watch tv. i walked past my mom a while ago and she was watching xfiles. it was one ive never seen. so sad. i could just watch season 1-3 from my dvds, but i dont think i wanna watch by myself. im a big ole wuss these days. im worried one of the ugly creatures will end up in my dreams.

which reminds me. ive been having really funky dreams lately. i think ill be pissed off a sturart for a while. he was being rude to me in a dream i had the other day. now im trying to decide if i wanna go visit him. i have never seen him so rude. but then again it was only a dream. still im worried hes gonna be rude and hurt my feelings or something. rude bastard ;o)

oh, today it rained. so i got to use my windshield wipers for the first time. yay?

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