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my mom told me i couldnt use the phone today then decided to tell me i could at the worst fuckin time. not having locks on your door is great :o\

so jamie called a few times while i was in the shower. i thought "great, the one time the phone line isnt tied up, he calls to bitch me out". well turns out he got home late that day and couldnt get through till today. so when i called him back, as soon as he got on he was all apologetic. hahaha. good thing he started before i did, or else he would have known i flaked on him anyway. today i just said i couldnt go cause i was gonna make dinner and study for my tests. he bought it. says hell call tomorrow and see whats up. GOOD LUCK GETTING THROUGH. hahaha. not that i dont like him, but i dont know. i dont really want to go over there and hang with him and his homies. most of them are ok but some seem to get disappointed when they come over and im around cause then hes like "im gonna spend some time with naomi, call me tomorrow" and they have to go find somewhere else to hang or someone else to go do guy stuff with. IM A COOL CHICK. I SAID OK TO FISHING THAT ONE TIME. its fucked cause his house is like the place where people go. all hours of the day people just show up. also, his brother is there right now. his brother gets (used to, at least) really jealous when i go over cause he wants to spend time with jaime, and jamie would want to spend time with me. i swear jamies brother keeps getting taller. i remember when i was taller than him. i hardly recognize him, these days. when i called back he answered the phone as was like "is this naomi?" then he was like "hey, whats up? how are you???" and i had no idea who i was talking to. he was like "oooook. fine!" i was like "oh my god, your voice is so much deeper". heh. it is, though. i think hes 18 or 19 now. when i first met him he was like 10 or 11? maybe 12. god, im fuckin old. oh, well. maybe ill go over there in a week, or something. so they can spend some time together. then no one will be pissy while im around.

damn, i want to go shopping. i keep seeing things that i want, but its all house stuff and i dont have one :o\ things for the kitchen, n stuff like that. i also want to go get pictures taken with santa. ive been wanting to do that forever. maybe this year. what should i wear? i could wear this red thing. though, i dont think it would match the red in my hair. black always works. i think i just want a reason to get all dressed up for xmas. I WANNA GO TO A XMAS PARTY, DAMNIT. yeah, thats it. i want to get all dressed up in xmas colors and glitter. i want a tree too. when i get my own place im gonna go buy myself a little table tree and collect pretty little ornaments to put on it.

heyyy. i was supposed to get pictures taken with both jamie and stuart. never did with either. maybe i can drag one of them with me to visit santa. probably jamie. stuarts girlfriend probably wouldnt like it much if i took pictures with him. ooo, ive gotta meet the girlyfriend. i wonder if shes had the baby yet.

my tummy hurts :o\

i guess i should read. not that ill be paying attention to what im reading, or anything like that. fuckin boring. stupid 3.0. oh well.

whoa, i just looked at my buddy list. only one person is on. it must be saturday night. heh.

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