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full of pee.

i went nutso on some chick in class today. she was fuckin whining about something so stupid. i wanted to killl. i was like, fuck this shit, and told her off. she didnt say shit. at least she finally quit her whining. ugh. i was bent. who the fuck does she think she is? she in the class just like everyone else. she not and expert on shit. if she was, she wouldnt be there.

i tried to get on aim from school, but nooo. its wouldnt load and i got sick of waiting.

now im just sittin around looking at phone stuff. im pretty sure ive figured out what i want. now i just need to order it. im just tryin to make sure this is exactly what i want. then i can walk around all day chattin with people on my cell. pretendin im important n shit. hahaha. youd swear ive got a life or something. school, car, cell... it could happen. now i just need to call people, not be online so much and not flake on those who want to spend time with me. then ill be so close to normal, its scary.

man, its cold. i still have my jacket on.

i was gonna go to the book store, but i was too hungry. i came straight home and made spaghetti. i guess i could go now, but im cold and lazy, so i aint movin.

oh, ive made two left hand turns today, so far. go, me!

i have to pee.

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