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hello. im up. should go to school? nah. 10 hours a day is a bit much for me. i ended up falling asleep in class last night. then for the rest of the night i was giddy. im tired and dont feel like dealing with people. im finding out that im pretty good at smiling real big when i want to smack up side the head. when i came home i went in to the bathroom to take a look at my "just fuckin die" smile. it aint half bad. today, i rest. maybe ill go in late, or something, since im already up. who knows.

today i should go to the book store. buy some wrapping paper. go to the post office. buy my cell phone. what else? get aaa. read. do homework. study for the last test i need to make up. eat, hopefully. clean. nap? vsit jamie? pictures with santa?

i have to go poop. not sure if i want to though. ive been having the worst poop since that one really big brick poop :o\

hahaha. i made tatoodevil feel dirty and its only 8am :oP

um, i think ive damaged my kidney. "oops" :o\

aw, crap. i just realized what todays date is. im really fuckin late in my xmas crap. fuuuuuuuck. damn, me.

i refuse to shave my legs today.
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