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hello, my name is naomi. AND I WANT TO GET FUUUCKED UP.

i wanna go a drinkin. this weekend, maybe. whoa, im legal. woohoo. hrm. where do i wanna go, where do i wanna go. im gonna have to find someone to drag with me. who, who, who. people really piss me off when they start drinking. especially chicks cause theyre usually such whores. they take off with the first guy who feeds them some bullshit. damnit. ill figure something out, even if its just watching dvds on my computer and having something to drink. something needs to be done.

something also needs to be done about all this boring ass school. i wish it would go away forever. ok, thats a lie. but i wish it wasnt so damn boring. in january it should be better. i hope, i hope. ive been on my old screen name all day today hoping to catch my ex roommate on and i just did. well, he caught me. cause i didnt seem him on till his window popped up. anyhow, hes got a girlfriend. shes 47 (hes like 50 something, i think), jewish (so is he) and got three kids and (he loves kids). i should probably go over there to visit some time soon.

oh, i went poop. it was a little poop. a bad poop, but much didnt come out. like 10 minutes afterwards i felt like i had to poop again :o\ that feeling has gone away since, though. need to remember to buy stool softeners (thanks moonie!). i have laxatives but they are not good for me. so i can NOT forget next time i go to the store i will, anyway. i always do). i think im gonna start the atkins diet. bet i could lose a lot on that since all i eat is ramen and spaghetti. before i left wa i ate a ton of potatoes too. my skin is so dry in this weather and i cant afford for it to stretch anymore. im hoping no one will notice my lovely stretch marks ive gotten so far once theyre not dark fuckin red anymore.

ok. i guess i should sleep now or ill never wake up in the moring. night night.

i also need to smile more often. it makes me look younger & prettier. no wonder people are always telling me to smile.

oh. last but not least. i think this dude in school kissed my hand while he was laying on my lap, today. im not sure. he seems to enjoy putting his head in my lap a tad too much. i could have swore he kissed my hand. since i wasnt sure if he did or no, just played it off like i didnt notice. now i just gotta remember not to let him get to close to me. heh. hes still the homie.
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