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my head hurts a lot. ive been trying to remember to drink lots of water and ive been wearing my contacts a lot these days (which reminds me. i need glasses). yet my head id is still fuckin killing me. today in class i kept holding my head and told someone it was killing me. she said its cause i need sex. hahaha. i was like whaaat? she say the same thing happens to her when she needs to get laid. shes too fuckin funny. thats would be funny though if my headache went away after sex. next time i have a boyfriend and a headache at the same time will have to test her theory. if shes right im gonna die laughing.

today. class. sucked. i was talking to dr.whats-his-name and he got crazy with me cause i didnt understand his half-assed english. i am so sick of him, his fuckin accent and his retarded way of phrasing things so that they dont make fuckin sense. i am fuckin sick of his ass bitching to the class about how were talking hit about him and he doesnt give a shit. oooh yes he does or else he wouldnt go off on us about how we shouldnt talk about him all the time. its funny cause most of the time when we talk about him its AFTER hes go off on some long tangent. i been letting it slide cause i keep thinking to myself "youre almost done here", but he insults people. hes rude to people for no reason. he yells at people and he talks about the bible far too much. that and sex. as if people our age are too stupid to understand anything else. he does it when there are 13413435 easier way to explain things to those who dont understand. also when students ask him questions *HE* DOESNT UNDERSTAND. oh, point is. in a few days im gonna go talk to someone about this. i think other people have said something and thats why hes always so bitchy. so i figure ill put my two cents in and hope it counts for something. even if its a few months down the road. also some of the stories that are going around that ive heard from other teachers are skewed. so ill tell someone in power what i remember then they can put 2+2 together. he lets his personal feelings get in the way of his teaching and its pissing me off. he either needs to learn how to be fake and do his job or he needs to find a new fuckin job. lets just hope that im till pissed by the time im out of his class, or else ill end up letting it slide. at least 2 people in my class dropped because of him. no, wait. i think 3. maybe more. ohhh, maybe they are the ones that complained. hahaha. i just remembered a few more things hes done. i bet i could get him fired. one time this chick was talking to him after class and he said "you are not paying me to stay here" and t if i needed help with stold her to go away. she asked a simple question he could have answered in that breath instead of being an ass. alllso, when i started they told me that if i was having a problem with something i could always ask the teacher before of after class. i bet they told her the same shit. what crap. i am am definitely gonna bitch about this guy. he should feel special. this will be the first time im gonna over someones head. usually, i just drive em crazy till they quit (thats a story for another day). bet he kisses my ass next time i see him. they always do.

my head still hurts :o\

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