angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

Michael: so what is your real name?
angelicdestiny: bob
angelicdestiny: dude
angelicdestiny: you still think im a chick???
Michael: ???
Michael: what?
Michael: yeah
angelicdestiny: thats funny
Michael: yes, your funny too
angelicdestiny: me?
angelicdestiny: why is that?
Michael: yeah, you
Michael: cuz your fuckin with me
angelicdestiny: no youre fuckin with yourself
angelicdestiny i told you who i am
Michael: your the same one as **********
angelicdestiny: **********
angelicdestiny: yeah
angelicdestiny: buts thats just so i could chat with guys
Michael: yeah.....bull shit
angelicdestiny: ok buddy
Michael: nah, I know it's bullshit
angelicdestiny: okay
angelicdestiny: whatever you say
Michael: chill, I know your good with fucking with peoples head, but there is nothing you could do to convince me
angelicdestiny wants to directly connect.
Michael is now directly connected.
angelicdestiny: *insert picture of jags dick*
Michael: okay, so....that's not you
angelicdestiny: dude my name is robert
Michael: nah
angelicdestiny: okay
angelicdestiny: anyway
Michael: you can prove it, get on your web cam right now
angelicdestiny: i dont have one
angelicdestiny: that chick in the pics does though
Michael: I know you do, it's on your page, I'm at the site for it right now
angelicdestiny: thats hers
Michael: the site is under your IM name
angelicdestiny: i know
angelicdestiny: she must not have aim
Michael: brb
angelicdestiny: ok
Michael: whatever...I still don't believe you
angelicdestiny: okay?
angelicdestiny: will you still lick me?
Michael: okay what?
Michael: not if your a guy
Michael: but your not a guy
Michael: so the end
angelicdestiny: why wont you lick me?
Michael: because.....I don't like doge neons, country music, or dicks that ain't my own
Michael: eitehr way, who ever that was got a pretty punk rock piercing...I almost got that one
angelicdestiny: have you ever tried to suck your own dick?
Michael: nah........I've always had enough girls to do if for me
angelicdestiny: you think you could if you tried?
Michael: probably not...even if I could I wouldn't be able to shake the idea that a dick was in my mouth
Michael: look, either way, this conversation is very boring now.......if your a guy, your dull. that is that. if your a girl, your clever. that is it.
angelicdestiny: ever tasted your own jiz?
Michael: this is weak.
Michael: your saying you do alllll this shit to talk to guys, and for what, to come out and for this shit? that's weak
angelicdestiny: no
angelicdestiny: knowing that guys think im a chick turns me on
angelicdestiny: i jerk off while chatting
Michael: well, whatever. more power to you. then why did you tell me if it turns you on so damn much
angelicdestiny: i dont know
angelicdestiny: it was a bad idea
angelicdestiny: i thought you went both ways
angelicdestiny: you look like you do
Michael: did I ever mention anything like that? well that's a fagy pic, I'll admit that. that's why I never liked it
angelicdestiny: yeah but it turns me on
angelicdestiny: you are very sexy
angelicdestiny: i bet you have a nice tight ass
Michael: well, you know what.....even though I'm not gay, I can take that as a complement. but that doesn't mean jack shit for you
Michael: dude, or whatever....I'll chat with you later

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