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im not used to the red streaks in the front of my hair. i found my old, broken pair of glasses. and when ever i go in the bathroom with them on and look at myself in the mirror, im like "who is this chick? oh, its me." i dont know if i like it. its kinda fading to pink already. everyone seems to like it. people who ive never talked to before keep saying "i love the red in the front of your hair", which is strange to me cause i dont think it looks like anything special. it was just something i did for xmas. maybe it was just the change. people must have gotten sick of seeing me with the blonde. i need to remember to buy a new pair of glasses. i like wearing them more than contacts cause they dont dry up and hurt my eyes. i guess thats another thing i could but on my credit card. someone should really take that thing away from me :o\

i think im getting sick. havent been feeling well since about 11pm :o\

im trying to get up the nerve to drive out to this store to get someones present. i could order it. which is what i should have done when i figured out what to get him, but im lame. and then id have to wait till he goes back to school cause i dont know how long hell be at his parents/girlfriends. its not like i havent driven out that far before, but driving still makes me nervous. so i only do it when i have to. sometimes i just drive around to try and get used things, but i always end up wanting to go home cause some car did something weird near me or i just started freaking out for no reason. i think i need a day with an instructor to go over everything. i wont be comfortable unless im sure im doing everything correctly. anyhow, i was gonna try and make something for him but i cant find the instructions, and i havent made that since i was like, ten :o\

on a semi-cryptic note... most people will never change. they will always be fuckin idiots who will always let the world fuck em in the ass.

oh, that headache i had the other day, went away all by itself. thats the first time that has ever happened. usually i just suffer utill i cant take it any longer.

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