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im up

im all proud of my ex roommate. some idiot that was working for him started all this drama, quit, then decided he wants to move to oregon and asked to borrow some money. last time someone asked to borrow money, hed said ok. never see it again. this time he said no. the guy asking for the money, i know. hes such a loser and will always be one. there is no hope for this freak. i swear its so hard to get a hold of my ex roommate. ive been on aim trying to stalk him for days already. ive only gotten to talk to him twice, each time for about three minutes cause he has to run off. wish hed sit still for a second.

my headache went away for a bit. i think its coming back now :o\ this calls for some aspirin.

yesterday was the first time in a long time i forgot to take my vitamins and melatonin. though i did get to bed early. trippy. it was probably all the driving around that made me so sleepy.

now im gonna go hunt me some food.

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