angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

Michael: well, I still haven't decided what to think
angelicdestiny: haha
Michael: you caught me at a bad time last night
angelicdestiny: awyea
Michael: yep....
angelicdestiny: i scared the shit out of you!!!
Michael: beeooocaaatttccchhhhheeeeee
angelicdestiny: FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael: well, depends, you a girl now?
Michael: :-)
angelicdestiny: lol
Michael: well...okay........first off, let me think
angelicdestiny: ?
Michael: okay.......well.......hmm
angelicdestiny: ?
Michael: okay, I guess....I forgive you
Michael: I have to give you credit. that was pretty cool. normaly I would be pissed. but I can't be, not at you
angelicdestiny: :-D
Michael: bitch
Michael: *HUG*
angelicdestiny: *BIGGER HUG*
Michael: I'm one of the most stubbourn peopele in the world, I have to really think your chill to forgive you
angelicdestiny: neat :-)
Michael: :-) :-) :-)

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