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my exroommate has been online for a while and hes not responding to my msgs. fucker. either hes ignoring me or someone else is on his computer (this most likely). its funny. the people who spend their life there, know me (obviously since i lived there), but he goes out of his way to make sure they dont get my screen name. when i lived there this guy... i dont remember his name... used to come over and he used to make sure that he was always in a different room than me. if i was in the den with everyone else, this guy had to sit on the steps or stand in the livingroom. very strange. i swear, i know lots of freaky people. i think jeff just thought, that i though this dude was too strange and didnt want him near me. also when wed be at a party and hed decided he was gonna run around with his pants down chasing this one guy that is homophobic. hed always make sure that i couldnt see anything. he did a very good job of it too. i never did see anything (thank god). now the wierd thing about that is there would be lots of other people there and he wouldnt hide it from them. just me. it wasnt an age thing either, since there were always chicks my age there and he also dated someone my age while i lived with him. it was all just a very strange scene. anyhow, hes still not talkin. so i guess ill just wait some more :o\ oh. it says hes been on like 12 hours. hes probably not even there. damn him.

today my mom needed the phone and instead of freaking out she just said "naomi, i need the phone" then she said "dont get on the phone until i leave" and everything went smoothly. now how difficult was that?

i want to go somewhere now that im not all freaked out about driving, i just cant think of anywhere to go. im sure everyone has got family stuff to do, damnit.

oh, i put in an order for my cell n stuff. hopefully ill get that sometime soon. then i wont be so worried about getting stuck somewhere far away at night. also, i keep driving by friends houses and wondering if their home. like i went buy stuarts house yesterday, but i didnt want to just show up. his girlfriend would probably trip because she doesnt know me. i called before i left cause i knew i was going out that way, but no one was there. if i had a phone on me i could have called when i went by the first time then the second on the way back. ok, i could have used a payhone but im too lazy for all that :oP

im bored. today is really gonna suck because there arent very many people posting in their journals, and there arent very many people online to chat with.

while i was at the store i forgot to buy poop pills. good thing my mom just went cause i told her to get some before she walked out the door and now shes home. so i have some.

i love how my period is real heavy when im running out of pads and tampons, but as soon as i get some it fades away.

mr.g0sh is comin down for some convention or something next year. were gonna paaaaaaaarty.

oh, yeah. merry christmas or something. oh, wait. thats tomorrow.

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